Monday, June 9, 2014

Channel Technical Analysis Screener $NS $PRE $HPP $NOG $RGS

Another screen to look for are channel up and down trends. Below are five stocks in channels that are either at buy points now or almost at buy points. My personal favorites: Regis Corp and Northern Oil & Gas.

Nustar Energy L.P ($NS) - Upward channel, touched the top and currently having a down day. Looks to be a short until the bottom of channel is hit (confirmed by overbought Stochastics)

Partnerre LTD ($PRE) - Double whammy here: Upward channel with some significant resistance from the last couple years broken through last week. If it breaks above channel, its a definite buy, otherwise a short first down to the resistance-turned-support

Hudson Pacific Properties ($HPP) - Had a huge day as soon as I started watching it for a potential break above resistance (Missed it!), but it has now stalled at the upper bounds of its channel.

Northen Oil & Gas ($NOS) - Part 1 of my favorite channels. Downward channel formed since mid 2013. Simultaneously a trendline since 2014 that finally intersects upper bounds of the downward channel. There is going to be a big move here in one direction, for now its the waiting game.

Regis Corp ($RGS) - Part 2 of my favorite channels. Unlike Hudson Pacific, this one I have not missed the break of resistance. It has already broken above its symmetrical triangle formation and showed strength in it's follow-up on subsequent days after the break.

Note: All Stock Charts are from Aug 2013 to Present Day

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