Monday, June 4, 2012

June 4, 2012 - Update to Market Leaders ($CMG, $AAPL, $PCLN)

$PCLN - Double top and pull back worked to perfection. Priceline came and touched the$680 line briefly before plummeting to $605. Still looks like a $30 more to the downside


$AAPL- Broke above its downward trendline to $581 before falling back below it friday and confirming the move today. Before I said shortable to the 100 day, which still holds true. If below the 100-day, look out below...


$CMG - Chipotle has the most strength of the market leaders. Broke above the downward trend line 2 weeks ago and is just now testing it again. BUT, it has moved below the 100-day MA today so if it continues below the support of the trend line drawn below, LOOK OUT BELOW!

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